Friday, 9 July 2010


Angel View 5 mile trail.

Up hill , down, twist turn, turn twist,up down , through the bushes , heather grassy field, ANGEL , wow , whip phone out for a pic.

Fuck I'm losing the pack here . This is a fucking fast one or am i super slow today ? . Am i last ? quick glance and nobody there -fuck !! More twist and turns . An underpass i didn't know was there. more turns What is this a fucking maze!!! .I'm getting fucking dizzy !! Finally a straight . Straight up and up and up and up . All fucking gravel that's not kind to my foot -yer a little sore again:-/ Up the gravel hill , possible railway track? . Up some more and some more . Where the hell does this go . Fuck , fast lads coming back at me. Fuck there are fast . Am i last ? I can still see Vicky the graceless whippet .She's quick so i can't be going that slow . Really i can't be can i ? I know i gave my all on Tuesdays fell but I can't be that fucking slow for god sake. Where's the fucking turn then ? Vicky coming back at me . The turn at last. S'ok lots of peeps still coming up so no-where near last . Head down to home. Power it on and finally over take some of the injured and infirmed. See the finish , more power . 20 yards to go, flying now and passing folk .... what another fucking turn!!! . They take you within metres of the finish and another hill and loop !!!!! twats-fucking twats . This isn't 5 fucking miles!!! Over another hill and round some bushes and trees . long straight , tree's, bend, finish . Fuck Fuck Fuck that was a tough 5 miles. That fucking Hurt. 40:42 .

Pint .

Ahhh .

do better next fucking year.

Winner the fell superstar from Tuesday nights fell in 26 minutes and didn't look all out. (obviously not a proper athlete as he shuffles along trails and fells hahahahhahhahahaha- ) Vicky 1st lady F35 :-) . Fucking excellent.

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