Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hurt again !

I wrote a short couple of blogs on fetcheveryone. Well shortish for me . Usually I blog races and stuff but my broken foot to paid to most of that but at the end of the year I wrote :-

I'll start the year with the song i ended last year on : It didn't exactly go to plan

so a new years carol from Durham and Northumberland and the beautiful amazing unthanks.

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Only 818 Miles ran this year.

Deduct 429 ran since mid october (not quite true as I've included the September SDW race 20 miles and the 30 of the Hardmoors i started knowing i would only do a bit of them but hey that's what i fancied under the circumstances

this leaves 389 Miles

Of that 389 miles,( amazingly considering the foot breaking 3 times) , 336 miles of them were in races meaning i did virtually no training at all (except swimming).

I've enjoyed the last couple of months running albeit very slow and careful. Most have been on my own thru woodlands and lately of course in deep snow. A fair few local races from road to fell and a few parkruns when I've not volunteering like i did today at sunderland (whilst skateboarding-yes i found a skate board whilst clearing the ice with a shoval lol ) and Christmas day at Newcastle. I'm fairly sure my foot has finally healed but I'm not complacent and I'm always still looking for any signs of trouble ahead.

Unhappy? Not at all .Whilst i could not run ive had some great times, i'm healthy and have no broken bones and seen some friends and old friends run great races and been very pround and happy for them. Nobody died this year.

Tomorrow i can start again with a pleasant 30 miler i won't be to quick at and then build to the 3 important races (to me ) i have planned with lots of fun ones in between. Later in the year i'll try at some shorter faster Pb's and have fun planning a nice solo run in 2012.

Almost as importantly I look forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of my dear friends achieving their goals and having blinding fun along the way.


I spoke to soon.

NYD and i had just doubled back to spend 15 minutes trying to get the Hardmoors 30's RD's car out of the meadow he was stuck in (it took 6 of us ) and then got to the CP to find Bomb was only 15 ahead . I knew she would fly the flats and was just thinking that even in my unfit state if could keep the gap reasonable till the turn back along the Cleveland way (which was a complete mudfest ), i would catch her.

2 miles later and 10 miles in when something went in my foot again. It's nowhere near as bad as before but still gutted. Really thought it was fixed. I had taken my time with the comeback, eased into running with little 2-3 mile runs . been real careful looking out for any signs of hurtiness and only when i was sure started my 10 mile loop and just recently a couple of slow 20's and a fell race, all in deep snow.

I had taken a knock at 5 a side which may have contributed to it but still the reason i played was because i felt sure it was ok. Think the 5 a side will have to go for a canny while. After all I’m fairly sure it was a tackle that did the damage in the first place. Kak. love my footy but running is my life.


So my foot is hurt again. What to do? I rested up pretty good last time and it’s happened again. Bugger. Do I take a full 6 months out- a year? Fuck I don’t really know what to do for the best anymore. I really thought I had fixed it this time. I should point out it’s not as bad as last time so it should heal faster.

It’s clear tho that even when its fixed my foot isn’t standing much running. I do love to race. I train to race and race to train. Some I let fly and some I do because their in beautiful places. Tbh I rarely do anything that's not in a beautiful place. When you live in in or near such beautiful places why would you.


a lose plan is to x train and just stay/get as fit as I can and also lose some flab. Tbh, I’ve always been far heavier than I should be as a runner. Before the first of the four breaks a year ago I was just starting to see that come down and was getting quicker. In fact after 3 years of running I felt I was just starting to get somewhere. I’ve put a stone and a half back on since then. I get well fucked uoff when not running and easily lapse into eating and drinking too much I have a target now to be a certain weight before June 3rd. Its relies on a couple pound a week loss. If you don’t know I hate to tell you this but anything else (unless you are mega big), is not fat, Its water and muscle.


is of course no running until the end of feb and only then if I feel I can. I have the Malta marathon then. It was going to be a good Pb attempt but that’s out the window. After that, whether I run Malta or not, I won’t run again until Hardmoors 55 in mid march. Then another month till the fling 53 and another month till the CATERAN 56.

I’m under no allusions how tough it wil be running these on zero running. I can only hope to finish ok and not broken. Nothing more.


I get to my first races in June that I wanted to do well in I will only have run 3-4 times. Can this be done ? Fucked if I know. It can’t be as good as all the time on feet and hill running but what choice do I have? Zero…. If my foot goes again I’m looking at a metal plate in it. I really don’t want that unless they do both feet and insert springs.

I’m not knocking x training btw . I was at tri club swim training on Friday night and it was as tough as hell ! I like biking if its out in the county and swimming hard in races in open water appeals as well. There are all tough …But I love running. I’m really going to miss those hills and my woodland runs but the long term has to take precedence.

more so now as I’ve been accepted into the Ultra Tour du Mont-Blanc. I can’t tell you how excited I am by this , even more so that i have lots of my great buddies going. I may not be able to do Hardmoors and whw justice but by god I want to be as fit and healthy as I can, come this most excellent race day.
So its swim bike and any other x training I can think of. I will mix it up and try not to go crazy or dream of grassy hills.

Any tips or idea’s on x training or relieving the boredom of it are most welcome by the way.

Ta ta for now .x


  1. Hope your training plan works out for you. Be good to see you again at some point.

  2. It'll be really interesting to see how you go on those tough races based mostly on non-running training. I'm not sure how you maintain the adaptation of the connective structures for running without running, so I'll be watching this with great interest. After almost a year of minimal and approaching 6 months of NO running, I have maintained reasonable generic conditioning with increased cycling and regular climbing - it's also helped keep the weight down!! And you're gonna need to get ready for a Fred Whitton or three!! ;o)

  3. shall i get one of those wee buggy thingie and pull you round?


  4. lol sandy, if it dosen't fix you may have to .