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Tri Running & TT Fun

So the Cartmel sticky toffee pudding

18k trail walk turned into a jog and I had a blast. Of course the main thing was the foot held. I was fairly careful with it all the way round but you know I’m kinda nervous about it. Poor Anna had the chest infection I had and could hardly breathe so she did her anchoring job –just not how she would have wanted! Heck it was good to have a run out however slow.

Following week I waited to see if there was any reaction but thankfully none to speak of. Cross trained an had my first open water swim with and without a wetsuit. I also did a circuits class among other but this one turned out to be run by a physio I’ve been liaising with. Now a bit unexpectedly he was against my self imposed running ban and said if it didn’t hurt I would be better of doing some running along with other stuff. This is good because I’ve been looking at he wall chart and Hardmoors is only 6 weeks away. So only 5 weeks try and get to the start line - Zero miles to 114 miles and 22000ft of ascent. Now I know you can’t replicate a winters training but I think I will see what I can do whilst still being cautious.
So- thought I see how my legs feel after a mini trashing.

My first run around my 10 mile loop in 5 months. Loved it.

Relay Race ! Ok only 1.65 Mile relay but heck they hurt. Put on for free by a local running club,. Wonderful night.


FRIDAY: 22nd
Maske 10K . Talked into a 10k at Maske. I did it last year. It hurt. My time of 50.25 hurt more! Bugger so so unfit and slow.

Anniversary waltz fell race (Keswick) : 11.5 miles 3,600ft of ascent.

What a wonderful race ! Despite struggling with my fitness I loved it . the climbs were just fantastic and trying to hang on to a ‘ghost ‘ in front when the clags was down was excellent fun. Had to be real careful on the downs where I normally make up time but twasn’t to bad :-) . I ended up just being just behind oven gloves who pulled away on the lovely descent over catbells and the finish. Mind I was fucked. I was ready for the end of this one but I will be back next year much fitter i hope . This is the must do and must do well list.

halfway up the first climb.

trying to hang on to the ghost in front

and a lovely easy classic finish

more pic's here

Link (roll over me to see where I go)


North Tyneside 10K .

Well I was just going to wait a the bottom of the hill and run it for a bit of fun with Melar.I refused a couple of numbers because I didn’t want to take a number from someone who may want to race but on the Sunday found two friends had spare numbers and with no takers so I thought why not. I have to say my quads were trashed and I just enjoyed the beautiful coast and run nice n easy. As I got near the finish I came across a couple from my runig club. I cruised up to have a chat with Mike and said is that your Greta in front. Yes came the reply. I ‘’l go and say hello then . As I speeded up to say hello Mikes shouts, don’t tell her I’m here. Of course I pull alongside Greta and tel her exactly where he is and she shouts get me home flip and shoots off. With 200 metres to go I look over my shoulder to see Mike sprinting and shout Greta to sprint. She beats him by 5 metres or so . He wasn’t happy, the cantankerous old git. Brilliant and of course great to see all the usual great friendly north east fetchies giving it loud. :-)


Ashington tri .

So my first tri. Probably not a good start when I could hardly walk down the stairs but there you go. Even worse when I got my bike out he car and had a puncture ! I had been over zealous in pumping the tyres up an split the tube ! Met up with Durham Dawdler, scribbler and riever with bomb, Mrs DD and Mr Scribbler on photo and support duties. We watched DD do his swim first-amazing to think this time last year he could barely swim. Excellent.

Amazingly scibs me and riever were all in the same pool start and me and scibs in the same lane. I had meant to change my time for the swim but had forgotten till it was to late. I had to ease myself in as now my quads were really not happy.
Number one went off followed by scibs who missed the off a bit and had the third on her feet and crashing by straight away. To her credit she kept her cool and swam a lovely even pace. I knew more or less I would have to pass all four and did so . In fact I was a bit surprised when the buoy went in indicating I two lengths left . I felt I swam nice paced and far from all out. Next time I will make sure a correct estimate of time goes in.

Out of the pool and you have a 70 metre dash (guessing this distance) along a path barefoot. I wasn’t keen on this and took it very easy. I didn’t realise till after this comes on your swim time. Again me scibs and riever were all in the transition long enough to say hello. Out we went and I was on Reivers tail . we cat and mouse’d a bit and came across DD on his 2nd lap . I passed him on the downhill and he passed me up the hill he’s been kind enough to show us the week earlier. (thanks DD & or all the other cycling/tri help ). We exchanged good lucks and went of to finish while riever and I kept the cat an mouse going. Now her I did give it my all . My quads were screaming at me but I could not catch riever in the home straight and he was to good & pulled away.

The 5k was uneventful with me plodding round fairly slowly. Riever beat me by a minute or so an DD by 4. (a full 26 minute improvement on last year . – magic stuff ) Scibs did brilliant on a hybrid bike and we all had huge smile on our faces after. Wonderful event, brilliantly organised and super friendly. I’ll be back next year 10 minutes faster. No pressure lol.

Carlton bank fell race. 4.8 Mile 850ft ascent. Now my quads were hurting along with everything else. Funny enough I felt strong, climber ok and even let myself spped up (not to much mind ) on the falls. had a decent race. Still well behind some I used to beat but collared oven gloves on the line and well aprt from aches and pains everywhere twas very good.

Cycling TT . 12 miles .

Well that’s the running done for a few days . Tonight was my first time trail on the bike. 12 miles mainly flat with a couple of rises. Have to say my legs were not up for this now but I want to lay down a time and get a feel for it . Wasn’t sure of the course before the start and had hoped to keep someone in sight. Not a fucking chance. The guy on a spaceship blasted out he traps and I hardly saw him again. I tried to keep things even around 20mph and managed to do so for most of it - bit faster and a bit slower here and there.

My quads really know about this but towards the end of the first lap (of 2) I was getting the hang of it.
I concentrated on keeping a steady rhythm and started to enjoy and new feeling of hurt.. Another spaceship passed my by which pissed me of but I couldn’t catch him (he won) . Thankfully no one else did . I slowed twice , first when I didn’t know the course and 2nd when I mistook the finish . I didn’t lose that much. 34.09 , mid pack. my bike computer says i averaged just over 20mph which is a ok i think -well for now. Really enjoyed it- great workout and good fun. I want sub 30 though. I think I need to adjust my seat position and height and I think my foot can handle cleats. Might get some tri bars as well.

so they held up well enough and so did the foot.

Couple of days rest now and 50 mile soft walk /jogging in the lakes a the weekend. See I’m am still being sensible.


Right i'm off to the pub Now. I suggest you do the same . :-)

A slightly happier

fliperty :-)

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