Monday, 10 October 2011

Long road back.

Long road back. (when will I learn !)

Well , chest infection seems to have cleared and the long road back to fitness can start. So, I went out to watch the match on Friday instead of swimming. Had a few beers and was just about to leave when Al and J came in. The rest is a blur and I came in at 3am . I was picked up for the first cross country of the season at 12. I could not have felt worse. I must be getting old!

Needless to say I hardly ran well. I’m terribly slow at the moment but this was a near death experience! After I sat down on the grass to watch the ladies start and then wandered over to a coffee wagon (never seen one at XC before!) . I needed coffee. It’s here I bumped into a Blackhill bounder mate Ian and we watched the ladies fly past. He asks what’s next for me and I say nothing big till June. In fact I say I’m just going to try and get fit again and apart from fells I won’t be racing much. He says he’s doing Kielder marathon tomorrow and I wish him luck saying I must do it sometime. At this point some random runner turns round and says do you want a number for it ?

When will I learn?

So a club mate gave me a lift and we set off to the wonderful Northumberland Kielder reservoir. A new path was laid recently and it just happens by some freak of nature to be 27 miles round! Perfect for a marathon! Our North east marathon club already do a low key event there but I marshalled that and supplied the water down the inaccessible North Shore by humping it round on my Mountain Bike.

This is a deceptive race. The only bit of flat is at the Dam Head. All the rest is constant up and down with nearly 2000ft of ascent. However it is all very runnable.
I started at the back and just after the start my Mp3 player came off. I don’t often run with one but I knew I wasn’t in good fettle so I thought some tunes might help. Two runners stood on it but I retrieved it and it worked. I was now plum last. No matter, as I stared to run and came across a friend Susan plodding along. I decided to chat and run with Susan for a while as we often meet at races but rarely have time to chat. I think I ran with her for 4-5 mile and then moved on when she had to have a loo stop (with it being a walking path some loo’s are on the way ) .

From here I had to make a lot of ground up and I probably knackered myself out a bit doing it because after 20 miles I was shagged. I’ll probably do it again next year to put that one right and after what I heard was chaos last year this year was very well organised.

So a real struggle for me but 32 miles done for the weekend and a good kick-start to the training even if they were piss poor miles.

Next big race is June 3rd so plenty of time to get it together and hey , I’m not broken-everything is possible. :-)

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