Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Musings

So 2012 and all that.

Quick catch up , races . Hexhamshire hobble fell race 10.5M, Saltwell Park 10K, Simonside cairns fell race 11M (got lost and did 13.5). There may have been others ! Nice run outs but still way unfit and getting slaughtered by club mates I used to beat. Oh and i did captain cooks fell race a little worse for wear on New years day instead of the Hardmooors 30 ( where i broke my foot for the fourth time last year. I wasn't going to tempt fate! I did go over to see Anna and help out after and again ended up presenting the prizes as the RD, Jon steel was taking longer than he thought(wasn't well poor chap). A rough night , fell race and unshaven - the vid won't look good !

Some of you will know Hardmoors is close ot my heart. Low cost Ultra's over fantastic tough terrain-What more could you want! So it was good to see over 80 entries. The course was very tough due to the lashing rain and a finihing through 10 mile of bog! Henry Morris has a good blog of it here :

I wrote a blog on fetch on the 2nd of Jan that just said ‘so far so good ‘ . Well compared to the previous year when my foot broke for the fourth time on New years day it kinda is. I do have a slightly inflamed tendon on my knee that has annoyed me but you know we all like to train but I don’t think missing a bit of running over the Christmas period is that bad. When a mate told me he was training hard over Christmas I said yes but it’s easy for you as you’re not popular, have no friends , your wife hates you and have no social life. (Yes those who know me well know I missed my calling in the diplomatic core). I know it’s not a popular thought and we feel guilty when we do a little less but you know family and friends ARE important so I’ll take a bit of time for them.

Mind this is easy for me to say as I’m not really in full on training yet. After all the foot breaks I said I would not really start till the New Year but instead work on a routine and just enjoy being able to run again. I’ve more or less done that now. It’s not set in stone as races and life/work /races will change it but my x train to victory plan (where my victory is getting to the start line fit and well and doing well in the races) is something like this at the mo.
Oh the start lines, with the exception of only my second tri (first one was a sprint tri with the foot stil dodgy) are probably familiar. Hardmoors 110, Lakeland 100 , Outlaw Ironman distance tri and UTMB if I’m lucky in the ballot. Yep the ones I ran some of on virtually no running last year as either a recce of training or because I just wanted to despite zero training.

Yes 3 DNF’s if that’s what you want to call them. I think of them differently. I know some folk have a problem with that but I don’t. As I said before what you’re really worried about is what people might think of you. I’m not. I’m even quite chuffed I went out and ran 100miles with 20,000ft ascent of the Hardmoors course (to my mind one of the most difficult courses in the UK ) on just 3 weeks back walk/ running. Think about that. 3 weeks walk /running. Of course I want to run them well and do myself justice. I want to be as fit as I can be and fully fixed. Hence the Cross training has taken over for now.

So :
Mon gym & swim.
The Monday eve swim being 100 lengths at the mo. The tri I’m doing is equivalent to 152 lengths so my thinking is I’ll do two thirds of that and pick the rest up in open water later . I have no idea if this is good or not but it fits in with life. Mind it seems I have a real problem with pools. I come out sneezing and like I’m full of cold. Sometimes it’s really bad. Last week after tri sess on the Friday eve it was like I was completely hung over .Seriously, 20 pints job. It took nearly all day to clear. I’m going to try a nose clip and see if that helps. The session takes about an hour. I don’t try and do it fast but try and think about form and not football and pretty girls. Pool swimming is more mentally tough than physically. I’m not a bad swimmer but I would like to get quicker.

Gym (usually a 10k row or 45 minute cycle with sprints every minute on the minute) followed by an hour of 5-a side. What footy! yes I know I said I wouldn’t play but footy is just like an interval session and anyway I miss the craic with my mates .
is a light run with the club or nowt.

Round my 10M trail if I’m in in time or two sess in the gym. *

Friday is gym and tri swim sess. I quite like these because they just say do these do that and it’s a cracking workout without thinking about things.
Saturday is long run /race
Sunday is long cycle At the Mo that about 50 -60 –miles with my new cycle club. I’m enjoying these.

*I should point out that when I hit the gym my sessions are tough. Cycle , row, or elliptical (my gym has one with the foot going up at 45 degree angle , very much like climbing hills . It’s a killer. So it’s not a soft option and it’s low impact of course. I should mention i do some weights as well but for some bizzare reason i have never recorded them.

Add to this some morning gym sess when I can drag myself there (I’m just not that good on a morning) and that’s it for the next few months. Come the spring more running/cycle sportive’s etc will take over but I’m conscious of doing too much on the foot. Mind from the spring I have a couple of 50 miler training races and other races that will up the ante but for now I’m happy with this for now.

Mind I haven’t mentioned my weight .There is no getting away from it; weight is such a big factor. It’s fairly bloomed in the last couple of years. I tried to get it down last year when injured but when I can’t run (or do much at that time) I get down and I eat and drink. It’s something I need to control now if I want to meet my goals. I was up to 210lbs. That’s the biggest I’ve been in 5 years since I started running in fact. I’ve dropped a few pounds and have a target of about 170lbs. That’s not going to be easy at all but it’s a target and something to aim for.

So 2012 . I predict it will be warm and sunny with a slight cooling breeze :-)


  1. all year round weather report then???? All the best for less injury, less weight, and more running x

  2. "When a club mate told me he was training hard over Christmas I said yes but it’s easy for you as you’re not popular, have no friends , your wife hates you and have no social life." - Huge LOL

  3. 20 fucking pints... you'd think it was 1983 again :-)

  4. Glad to hear the running is getting back on track. All the best for 2012! Paul (bairn7)

  5. 2012 is gonna be THE year mate, I though i would have a problem with peoples reaction to my Hardmoors DNF, but watching peoples reaction turn from a "what?, you didn't finish?" to a "F@*K ME!, you ran 45 Miles!! makes it all worthwhile, keep up the good work mister x

  6. good luck flip..its ups and downs one way or another. like you i could do with losing a few pounds..the eternal quest continues. no doubt see you in a post race pub again this year!