Tuesday, 6 March 2012

3 Great weekends but

3 Great weekends but just OK –ish runs .

So, inbetween alll the swimming, cycling and running (just twice a week) ive had 3 half decent runs. 30 miles on the whw, 27 miles down the coast and 30 miles on the North York moors, Hardmoors course from Oakdale head to Guisborough. None of them easy terrain but I’m not really happy with any of them tbh. Don't get me wrong they have been wonderful weekends and but I am happy I did them but not on one of them i have felt good. . Hell it’s a strange wee world we live in where a 30 mile run is shrugged off as just ok but we then don’t live in a normal world.

Run 1, 30 Miles :
I spoke about the whw one in the last blog, didn’t feel that good but 30 miles was ok and I did love the route.
Run 2, 27 Miles: Northumberland Coastal route
Weekend before last was with a couple of mates from Belford to Alnmouth. Belford is about 6 miles inland from Bamburgh castle on the sublimely beautiful and stunning Northumberland coast. We are so lucky to have such a stunning location on our doorstep.

D & D running across one of the many beaches

We took some of St. Oswald’s way to the coast then the Northumberland coastal route down to Alnmouth. If you haven’t run this then do make a date for it! It’s just one picture postcard after another. The run itself was cold and windy enough for me to not to take my jacket of. Well the cold would have been ok but the coastal wind was biting a bit.

Again although I loved the run and tbf it’s never easy running on the beaches, I still struggled. Thanks to Dave H and Darren B for great company. I met Dave at the Cateran trail a few years back but I only just met Darren although I read his blogs. I look forward to many more runs out with them.

Thanks to Dave for the photo of me runing toward bamburgh castle. Surprised its adecent one considering his ancient phone!

Run 3: 30 miles Cleveland way (Hardmoors 110 route)

I’ve been looking forward to K and L coming down from the holiday resort of Stonehaven for some time. It was L who got me into this lark in the first place. I got drunk with him after Loch ness marathon and he convinced me I could run the highland fling (and more) . Have to say at the time I was very doubtful but L has a way of kidding you into things! He’s always been as fit as a butcher’s dog despite being 86 years old and that was much in evidence this weekend.

He’s had the same influence on his young Thai bride K. I did K’s support when she ran the whw (95 miles) race a few years ago. While other crews had their work cut out crewing for K was a doddle . She cruised the race and a smile never left her face. Now a few years down the line she’s coming into her own. Think Sarah Conner on acid

Where to run then? 110 miles of tough moors and coast , unless you actually run it like a race you can’t see everything. I always think every 20 miles takes around 5 hours in the moors so we only have so much time. After long thought I decide that we miss the first 20 miles as it’s daylight in the race and they are fairly tame (compared to some of the Fuck off stuff later on) and do Osmotherly to Guisborough woods some 30 miles.

In fact we start 2 miles before Os, more or less on a whim. K does all the navigation using the handy footprint map and she storms it ! I on the other hand, veteran of the race again struggled again !
On the evenig i cooked spicy potatoes and curried turkey and nobody died.

Sundays plan was for about 10 mile of the Hardmoors coastal section (N Yorkshire coast) and then me driving round and showing as much of the route as possible. However a bit of time wasting trying to find the route through Skelton (it’s easy on foot ! ) and then a late breakfast at Saltburn had us behind time. We also encountered freezing raw winds and snow. Not that this would stop us but it wasn’t pleasant but as we went thru the little villages and towns that dot the coast I remembered that’s where you can get a bit unsure. On the cliff trails it’s basically single track and well signed. It’s not quite so clear going thru the little towns and there are a few on the 60 miles of coast. Don’t get me wrong they are all ok to follow but it’s nice to take the uncertainty out of them. We decided this would be more benificial to k.

Staithes (surely one of the cutest coastal villages ever.

So I drove round and at every little place we jumped out into the snow and ran the little link ups. My favourite bit was the 199 steps at Whitby up tot he Abbey then looking back ovet the bay (by far the biggest place you go thru). L once again left me for dead climbing up.
After showing the descent of the cliffs at Saclby miles and the ascent back up the cliff at the end of Scarborough we drove around to the start at Helmsley and a few more places.

I think I did over 200 miles driving in all and I tell you it’s less tiring to run ! still with AbbA gold playing the whole time K and L now know allthe words and will probably be singing them all week lol.
Job done and not just for K but for me as well. I’s so different when running. After it we retired knackered to the pub for L’s birthday and food and we won the quiz with L’ wining a tie break of how long it took t build the leaning tower of Pisa. Well he’s can remember that !
Grand weekend.

So my training is still going ok (well ive got pissed off with getting poisioned by the pool and have missed a few sessions ) but I’m struggling a fair bit still with the running. I had a mail from someone wanting to know if I would be at a race this weekend as it’s in my fetch race calendar. I keep that for all sorts of reminders of dates, not just races I’m doing but I am on the waiting list of that race. Just a little 20 but should I do it (I'm on the reserve list but i have loads of options for Saturday not least one of my fav road races he dent 14) I just hope I feel a tad better when running soon.

The mail said they wondered as i had have the Hardmoors 55 the week after. I hadn’t thought of that TBH as it’s again just a long training run for the big summer races. Don't get me wrong it's bloody tough , it's just that it's not the main meal.

So, I'll keep plodding away at my training and well maybe pick up the running a bit more (without jeopardising (sp) the foot ) from only twice a week and and hope it all clicks into place soon and i get that good 'feeling' again soon.

Stil i'm running and enjoying being out there again so musn't grumble. Nothing broke and everthing is working !


  1. Your poor passengers must have been demented by the end of the journey. Abba (bloody) Gold help!!!!!

  2. Nice to know you're still alive x

  3. Enjoyed that flip! I know what you mean. I've had one decent run this year at the Filey flyer but everything else has been hard work. Something missing. One big thing is I'm about 10 lbs heavier than last year. Need to lose it for my bob Graham whw and l100. Keep plugging away mate

  4. great blog, beautiful photos, isn't running great! inspirational blog - thanks flip :)