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Roseberry Romp. National Trust Fundraiser Fell Race.

Roseberry Romp.
I normally clump all thse little races together but i'm tapering and bored so i've modified this from my club report and anyway someone who wants to do the next fundraiser race might just nsee it.

Club mates e-mail alerted me to this race and at first I thought It was a new race in the Esk valley summer series that had not made it to the list. However that wasn’t the case as it is in fact a fund raiser for the National Trust.

After taking young Yusuf along to his first fell just last week, he was eager for more and at Monday night run he asked if I was going. He then asked how my legs were ( 4 races last week) saying with a big broad smile ‘I hope they are still tired because I going to beat you’!

After a full night and day of heavy rain I was glad to see the rain stop a couple of hours before this race but I expected a mud fest. Picked Yusuf up and headed to the Cleveland hills. For those that know it, the race HQ is the same car park as the one for newton under Roseberry which as the name suggest is directly below Roseberry Topping, an iconic hill on the Cleveland way.

Very small field and we were off up the very muddy track. We turned right into 100 Aker wood and slipped our way through the mud gradually gaining height. Leaving the wood, a marshal guided us to the left and up a steeper climb to what looks like an old quarry climb. From her we wound round some more woods and up on a rear path to the Roseberry summit and another marshal.
All this time I had Yusuf in my sights as he bounced & bounded along like Tigger but he was too fast for me in the early stages. It did get me thinking if he is Tigger, who am I? Unfortunately only Pooh bear came to mind. Must be my round and stout exercises!

Still in I knew we should have plenty of very muddy downhill to come and Pooh bears are built for rolling down hills. Up to the top of little Roseberry and then down a small track I’ve never noticed before. This is where Tigger was in trouble as tiggers are made for climbing not falling, stoutness out I simply rolled past him through the mud the couple of miles to the finish.

Excellent new race, only £4-00 to enter, on some trails I didn’t know existed. With it being fully marked marshalled it’s particularly brilliant race for the newbie fell or trail runners but tough enough for the experienced to get a good workout and enjoy. A Durham Uni student and friend of Yusuf ‘s need lift have won the race( he’s keen to do more but need lifts- I’ve invited him to join our FB group as I’m sure some of us can help out there ) with Hardmoors 110 ladies winner Shelly Gordon wining the ladies. Hillary, RD at Saltwell Park Parkrun after her clubs fell running was chuffed to bit to win her age category!

The national trust has another of these although a quick Google search doesn’t reveal much information I managed to pick up a few flyers. Details below:
Bransdale Fell Race 7.5 mile 1400ft ascent, Thursday 9th August 2012 , Entries £4-00
Registration at Bransdale Mill Post code YO627JL ,
Well Marked route, All Profits to local national Trust.

and Club captain asked Young Yusaf (who's first language is Turkish among many others) for a report

with Yusuf's permission).

Hi A,

Yesterday's race was fantastic. One of top crazy things I have ever done in my life. There was so much mud. Almost whole race. I wanted to race with Flip but he is so damn good at running hill down with that mud. He already had experienced a lot of crazyiness but I know I ve got a long life to live :)))) I really scared that I might tradigacelly break some parts of my body when I go down. It was even hard to stand or walk but bloody Flip is fearless.

But it is a fantastic memory.Wonderful race.

My next challenge is to run YOMP 23 mile.Hope I can survive that.

Flip has saved me and he wrote a report for this race.

See you later.


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  1. You need to add fantastic and fearless into the blog name you can never have enough F's