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don’t laugh its’ not funny! (And it hurts a bit)

Seems that gut problem I had at Hardmoors wasn’t intestinal but muscular. Mind I do think something else was going on given the sweating and over drinking. I did think it a bit funny that after I’d slept a bit I didn’t really have any problems.


The following week was a short 3 miles hill race around Penshaw monument. I scattered my mum’s ashes here as it is where she played as a kid so I try and do the race every year then have a wee chat with mum. It’s always a fast and furious affair and always well contested among local clubs and especially between Sunderland strollers and Sunderland harriers. Young Yusuf came with us keen to get the last few races in before he went back to Turkey.

At the start he whispers, Flip we are the only fat boys here! Aye I say, they’re all young whippets. Then of course I had to explain what a whippet was. Anyway the race is off and I’m over the hill ( yes I know ) and about a mile in I can feel something again in my lower abdomen. Nothing great, just uncomfortable and very much like how my gut started to feel about 10 miles into Hardmoors. Anyway finished the race in a PW with and the ache never really got any worse. After I was slightly ache in the lower abdomen and on my hips but nowt much.


Following week it was Whorlton fell race and yet again I have the same feeling but much worse. It’s particularly bad going downhill. I love to say I enjoyed this race btw but apart from one climb and a short run across the meadow at the end it was really a hard packed trail race.

It did finish in front of Whorlton castle but not one of my favourites. Mind the pub from which it started, a few hundred yards away from the finish was grand . After I tried to explain where it hurt but I find I’m it’s still really not easy to identify anything exactly except to lower abdomen. There is also a slight discomfort in my balls and i'm a bit nauseous. Afterwards I was a bit sore on my hips and to the right of the pubic bone but again when not running I didn’t feel too bad.

This was Yusuf’s last race with us and I think everyone thinks the same as me, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have our forever smiling young Turkish friend with us this short time.

With having to miss the whw (and heck I really missed being there but just could not justify the costs when work is fairly low at the moment) I had signed up for a race I’ve always wanted to do, the Durham Dales challenge. This is a great 30 mile LDWA race form Woolsingham over to Middleton in Teasdale and back across some lovely moors. With this problem in mind, I did think maybe I should change down to the 16 mile event but after talking to a few who had done it I was assured that if I had a problem I could pull out and they would get me back. I was also intrigued by the route over to Middleton, something I’ve looked at many times but never got around to doing. I also wanted to see if this problem comes on again and try and identify exactly where it was hurting. I could hardly go to the Doc’s or the sports fizz with such a general complaint.

To cut a long story short the same discomfort in my lower abdomen just above the pubic bone and mainly to the right (but sometimes across in a band right acros form lower hip to hip), discomfort in my balls again.(don’t worry ,I had a good mate die of testicular cancer who could have been saved if he had just gone to the docs early so I do check these things) and again a bit nauseous.

As I went on I felt as though I was doing something damage. As it happened I had found myself running with a Durham fell runner and he asked me to describe exactly what I was feeling.

Amazingly he said, I think you *MAY* have what’s called a pre hernia or sports hernia that he had had a couple of years ago.. It’s a fairly vague term that isn’t easily defined and you’ll get a lot of conflicting info on it (heck how right was he ! ). He went on to say, he was lucky and rest and rehab had sorted him out but others are not so lucky. I’d never heard of this. That settled, I did have a problem and pulled out at 15 and got a ride home. (Which was a pity as it was a lovely route).

Hard to give up something like this. I had entered to make me cross train after all the foot problems and apart from really excited by all the newness of it, it cost £250-00! (And it’s the cheapest in the country – not cheap these things) . but if can’t run 16 miles and really have no idea how the 3.8 k swim , 6-7-8 hours on a bike will effect it never mind the marathon , I had no option. My 2nd A race down the pan!

So lots of googling and heck vague isn’t the word. Pre hernia, sports hernia or Gilmores groin and none of them are a hernia or even a Hyena! (which is good). Went to the docs and who agreed that’s what it is. New Younger Doc btw who is much better than the old one, not that I go there often.


Yes I know I shouldn’t have but I do love this race. Went straight from the doc’s ……. The word vague has cropped up a lot here and even when I’ve been reading the net stuff it’s one of the things that comes up – hard to pinpoint or the pain or problem. Thought I do this 6 mile and see what it felt like again -ever hopeful it’s miraculously cleared up. Not to be- struggled big time and even worse I had to ease right up on the downhill (which is where I usually do well) and did a face dive in a bog that seemed to jolt it. Got the same queasiness and balls and abdomen problems. Two years ago , still not fit I did 58:30. Not sure what it was this year but way over the hour. Still a fine race this one, and believe it or not I won a prize…... In the pub after every finisher is called out in order and get wine or beer. I think there were 125 runners! (It’s a fiver to enter btw)

So ..

Been in contact with the sports Fizz (who is a good runner and Triathlete in the same clubs as me) and going to see him next week but early exchanges reckon some specialised abs strengthening stuff will help. Apart from that from what I can see it’s all rather vague. It seems some folk will be out for a long time with this and possibly need surgery and some get away with 6 weeks not running.

Obviously I hope I’m in the later category but Lakeland 100 (27th July ) my 3rd A race has to look doubtful now and my UTMB points. Lakeland isn’t really a race you can nurse an injury around.

Never mind, we’ll see how the next few weeks go and I’ll do my 9 mile trail loop a few days before Lakeland and make a final decision but as I said it’s doubtful.

Mind I’m still positive. Shite happens as they say and looking around there are some folk who would love this to be their only problem.I intend to come out of this fitter and stronger.

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