Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 , A great year.

Looking at the blog I wrote the other day detailing a poor year of running, it was really only about my poor running in Ultra’s and of course the injuries that had hampered this year. Reading it anyone would think I spent the whole year as miserable as fuck and up my own arse!

Well, I didn’t. In-between the big race disappointments I had some wonderful races and runs.

So a few more cheery highlights on a wonderful year, mainly in pictures

Captain cooks Fell race. 1/1/12 

The guy in the picture ia Alister, our captain. He had no memory of me even picking him up or how he got to the race. We have a fine club :-)

A day in january , a lakeland recce. A runner stopped me at he top of Newlands pass and it turned out to be Steve Mee. Another guy had gone down the pass only to be stopped by an abandoned car. After getting out to check nobody was frozen inside the car his own car then slid into the abandoned car blocking the route. So a bunch of us just parked up and hit the fells.

Wonderful weekend and 30 mile run on the whw weekend with some of my favourite people

Slaughterford 9 , wonderful race in Wiltshire. Not often i get to run with my brother and we hope to make this a annual event

Belford to Alnmouth ,another 30 miler on the Northumberland coast with Darren barnes and David Herthington Just wonderful.

Aniversary waltz. You can't not love this race.

And no kidding -it has free beer at the finish & if your fast enough to get it before it runs out ( i ran this race quite hard ;-) )

To many other fell races ot mention. 

Penshaw hill race with Yusuf. He whispered at the start of the race, 'hey flip, we're he only fat ones here! ' lol
Hope your doing fine back  home in Turkey young lad.

Loon & K down for a Hardmoors recce. Maybe the main race didn't go to plan for either of us but the 30 Mile recce and having them here was fun.

and as RD, Karen worked us ot the bone marshaling the wonderful Cateran Ultra 

Hardmoors 55, suppose a 55 mile run across beautiful moorland isn't to bad a result in anyones book

Born to run 37 mile ultra.I hobbled round but a great weekend with lovely folk in wales and all for a good cause.

Still injured but able to to all night support for Angela and Harry for a worthy cause. I'd forgotton about this.

But nothing beat watching our George having his much deserved moment to shine  with the olympic torch.

Not often i would put a wedding celebration in a highligth of the year blog but Carolyn and Davids was perfect. -this only happens in scotland ! So happy for them :-)

Yes i do know, i'm a hopeless romantic.

Great Westmoorland Trail Race , another perfect race on beautiful land.

Kev getting his Hardmoors 60 finish T shirt. (and all my other mates.) I bought them beer and pizza after to celebrate !

Dirty Double Weekend. Always one of my favourites

It might be a suprise i have a favourite road 10K . I do . Here Kev at the Registration table.
Ravenstonedale 10K (yes it's in the Dales )

And Kev's 40th Birthday Bash. Probably the best birthday bash gig ever.

You may just make out the Modstars white shoes.

Lakeland weekend .
Just a great weekend of running with lovely folk.

You can dance if you want to....Less rhythm than Ruth ;-)


and up

its just to easy for sandra . 

and me looking on.

Sedbergh sexy super six

Madeira Running/walking
And Tri training

So not a bad year all round .


  1. grat pics and great lookback on the year. 2013 will be yur lucky year 'm sure x