Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Bad the Good and the Ugly

The Bad .

2012 & all that - A poor year.

Well this should be a fairly short blog. After all the foot problems I was looking forward to 2012 but it wasn’t to be a good year. Soon into January I got a knee ligament problem which curtailed a lot of training. I’d be relying on the early months of the year to try and get back into shape because I hadn’t really done a lot over the winter (more about that later)

Much of this is in previous blogs but a quick résumé

Hardmoors 55 came along and Anna went over in the race and hurt her knee so I ended up running her in but we were please to finish. I didn’t know it at the time but I actually needed that race to qualify for west highland way entry. Amazing really considering what I’ve done in the past.

The first big one came; Hardmoors 110 and I discovered I had this vague thing called a sports hernia. (Although I didn’t know it was that then and I was sure I just had very bad guts) Doubled up in pain I called it a day at halfway very pissed off as it’s one of my all-time favourite races.

Lakeland I got to 82 miles an made a navigational error ( or more of listening to other runners that were wrong) that lost me enough time to not be able to make the checkpoint at Ambleside and later on the Ridgeway I only went and did the same ! I would mind I’m quite a good map reader. (again more about this later )
Hardmoors 60 , the Hernia kicked in early and again I was out.
It was then I decided to bin any longer stuff till the spring. Let’s face it , it wasn’t happening and I was doing myself no good. With this decision, my guaranteed place at UTMB has gone by the wayside which is a pity.

The Good,

So, no wallowing in self-pity here but a time to reflect and try and make 2013 a good running year. First of all binning all the long stuff has actually freed up time to get back to the fells and some good local races.
Hexhamsire Hobble Fell race December 2012

Simonside Fell race Decenber 2012

It’s also enabled me to start to get some regular quality training in and look forward to some good winter base training. When I think about it, all the multiple broken foot problems means I’ve not had a winter training of any note for 3 years. As most would agree and good winter is paramount to a good summer, I’m hoping it will pay off.

The hernia or sports hernia or pre hernia or whatever it is has two ways of going. It wil either be worked out with strengthening stuff like Pilates (which I have a lot of time for to be honest & it appears to be working) or it will need surgery. I’ve picked the place and know the costs to have this done but of course I’m hoping it won’t be needed of course.

Looking back at the nav issues, I know I’m a good map reader and both were down to two things. One, I should have not have listened to others in the races and two and this is by far the most important one ,if I hadn’t be so slow and at the back of the field then these would not have been an issue. I probably wouldn’t have listened and I would have had the time to make it up if I had.

I’ve known for a while I’d got a lot slower. My 5K and 10K times show me that. 2-3 minutes down on the 5k and 4-5 Mins down on a 10K (not that I do many but enough to know). Now let’s face it , there is a reason that although I’ve always been sporty I didn’t start running till I was 42 years old and that’s because I wasn’t fast to begin with so i can hardly afford to lose this speed. So might argue that you don’t need speed for Ultra’s but I’m not one of them. You need enough to keep you in the game.

And the reason isn’t far away. Although Most of us get slower with age I’m (well was now ) 22 lbs. heavier than when I ran and completed the whw and Hardmoors110 and looking back on the photo’s I wasn’t exactly a slim Jim then. So along with the winter training I have to lose the flab. I did try last year but I suppose when I get down or I’m out injured I simply eat and drink too much. This simply isn’t good enough .I liked Steve mee’s blog about this and he is right.

On the recommendation of a friend or two and inspired by Kev K I’ve started using Myfitnespal app and on the PC. Now I’m fairly sceptical about this stuff but in essence it’s a good old fashioned food diary with a few bells and whistles. I sort of give you the calories back you burn through exercise back to eat or drink. I think these are over estimated and only take half of them if any. But it’s now coming up to a month and I’ll have lost about 7 lbs. A good start and my first goal is 2010 whw weight and hopefully by the end of the year a lot more.
The Ugly

There is no ugly! 2013 is going to be Beautiful & Brilliant!

I start the year on New Year’s day laying the ghost of foot break number 4 two years ago with the Hardmoors 30. I said I’d never do it again but with the Hardmoors grand slam a secondary goal, I sort of have to.

I have these 3 big races that matter in 2013 , I’d like to call them my triple crown and I can’t wait to get to these start lines hopefully in good fettle.

All the best :-)


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