Thursday, 14 March 2013

Loch Katrine Bizzare DNF

Bizzare Marathon DNF 

Bizzare happenings at race to day . sunday 10th March

Got to 14 -15 mile and thought my feet were hurting a bit. Well i've not done much road in a fair while so no real suprise there- then it got worse. By 16 miles it was pretty bad and by 17 i couldn't actually walk or even stand up!

The pain was across both feet mainly on the inner arch but all over reallly.

I'm guessing it was the fairly new shoes shoes (only a few miles run in them) as it's the only real expalnation but i've run marathons in loads of different shoes including a £7.50 Aldi pair at edinbugh when i forgot my good shoes with no problems and if it is the shoes i'm surprised they could cause such a severe reaction after only a few miles.

Feet just a bit tender now and much better btw.
I put that on my FB yesterday but i thought i'd put it out here and see if anyone has any thoughts on this. I wasn't over egging the pudding here , i really could not walk -even to the marshal points 5 minutes up the road and had to be helped into and out the car. I could barely stand.

To be frank if it hadn't happened to me pesonally , i'd find it hard to believe.

I wasn't running the marathon hard at all either ( not that that matters ) but was trying to run it a a pace where there would be no reaction in my legs. I've only 3 races this year that matter and any races i do are there as training and coming out of them in good shape and injury free. Getting ot the three start lines that matter fit and healthy is my main priority.

Obviously i'll be binning the shoes as it would seem thats the only explanation . I have a 33 mile flat hard surface event next week( i know , i said i'd never do it as it's everything i don't like but i have a lot of mates up in Aberdeen and it is good miles in the legs after all )  if my feet recover and i'l be wearing my old shoes or some worn down trail shoes (a bit of it is muddy trail here and there)

Oh and the marathon was the brilliantly organised Loch Katrine marathon , a one of to raise money for Alzheimers research. Very hilly (wouldn't be surprised if its the hillist road one around) and probably the most beautiful road marathon i've ever done (not that i do many). I'm hoping they try and put it on again sometime.

Yours, an incredulous and bemused flip :-)

Next day on Monday 11th march :i wrote

So a little after 24 hours since i couldn't walk and barely stand up i went out and did 6.7 miles with club in my trail shoes. My feet were still a little tender but there was no sign of any problems. That said it was only 6.7 miles so untill i do a long run at the weekend i really won't know.

A fair few comments on the last blog said they find it hard to believe the shoes were at fault mainly because it came on so quick (between mile 16 -17 ) and that it could cause such a severe problem. I'm in full agrement with that. As i said , if it hadn't happened to me i really wouldn't have believed it either.

A lot of folk are saying , maybe a severe cramp. Thats possible but it didn't feel like it. I did do a hard tri swim session on the friday night and did have a little cramp in one foot. I'm lucky in i hardly ever get cramp except when swimming but i have to say it didn't feel like cramp on sunday and would it leave my feet tender and would the pain be all over the feet in the same places? Anna thinks the shoes haven't been aggravating my feet but my calves and that has caused the foot problems. I really don't know what to think.

So the shoes are still the main suspect still despite my own and others disbelief. I probably won't know now till the D33 and at least i will have something to think (will i be crippled or not , what mile will i be crippled if i do and so on. Maybe i should have a sweepstake ! :-) about because i really really hate flat and straight runs ! (yes i really am just going for the good friends and beer ).

The running is the same brief. Run it as easy as i feel able without being a stupid amount of time, enjoy the day out and don't wreck the legs as i have Hardmoors 55 the week after and an intensive April planned. Probably use my old trail shoes or my older road shoes.

Add  last night , wednesday 13th march was an easy 5.7 with club with a couple of nice hills . A lovely run out actually -thanks greta. 

Feet only a little tender and again no signs of anything wrong. We've been having a clear out at Anna towers and i found my brooks T6 brooks racers(with sparkly laces ! )  I worked out i only wore these once and that was when i broke my foot the first time. Always one ot tempt fate i wore them last night for the afore mentioned run and guess what -they were lovely. Am i becoming a barefoot runner i wonder (with a strip of rubber to protect th soles ) , because essentially they are a very low profile shoe. I'm tempted ot run the D33 in them but i'll probably not.
as i said, this weekend will be interesting. 

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