Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lakeland 100

A friend , Frank Murphy wrote this about the lakeland 100/50 today :

It's not the measure of the man in what he has or what he can do, but what he is prepared to do.
Well done to all who stepped up to the start line of the Ultra Tour of the Lake District to do 50 or 105 miles at the weekend.
It's sad to read some people beating themselves up about not being able to finish when they had the balls to go and try, especially when they knew what they were on for. 
I can’t echo them words loudly enough. I can take my own failings but watching others who wanted it so much is tough to take.

Still out of the 124 who finished I count a fair few as good friends and I was so chuffed for them.

And my race, well it never was never really on the cards..

I'd ummed and ahhed about starting or not. My ‘extended’ finish and dehydration at West Highland Way race really knocked me for six. The Tuesday following that race I ran one of my favorite fell races, a short 6 miler in the Durham Dales and felt like the little hill we start on was a mountain! 

 Couple weeks later I picked up a number for the Northumberland coastal run with the promise to myself I’d just run it comfortable and take in the scenery.
I never really reached comfortable.  

But I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what happened. So I gathered with the 300 to take on the toughest of the hill Ultra's. However is was soon apparent my legs were still fatigued and as I know this brutal race very well know it makes other look like a parkrun & I just knew they would not get me home. No injuries, no tiredness just the knowledge that I wouldn’t get to the end and there was little point in wrecking my legs (and ruining my summer) forcing the issue. Still the weather was good, if a little hot during the daylight, I remembered the way without resort to the book and I was enjoying the hills, particularly the descents, (as usual) was making good time but the decision was to pull out.

So coming in to Wasdale head, instead of the CP I nipped across the stile and landed in the pub five minutes before closing time and ordered two pints. 

Downed them swiftly and checked out at the Sunderland Strollers 70’s Disco check point where a lot of friends from this wonderful club were doing a grand job of looking after everyone. 

So no tears, no beating myself up, just a shrug of the shoulders that I suspected I wasn’t right (in the way Miss Marple suspects there has been a murder with the body at her feet in the colonels smoking room !) and probably won’t be for a while. I’ve no doubt if I’d had a decent whw similar to my last whw run which took very little out of me I’d have run a race so to speak. But that didn’t happen, I had a complete nightmare, the worst Ultra run of my life in fact and it simply took its toll.  And the shrug of the shoulders? Well no doubt it will be called arrogance (like I would give a f*ck :-) )  but I know I’ll complete this race and even do well given a fair wind and no injuries. Not a single doubt.  

But, I won’t be doing Lakeland100 next year (although I may do the 50)  as I want to race some shorter stuff that I’ve been missing the last few years. That is apart from whw again (if I make the ballot) as that now need putting right. This will also free me up to Marshal the Hardmoors Ultra and run the marathons. (this year I’m marshalling all the marathons )  Like the fantastic Lakeland Marshals , without us all giving our time none of these races would happen.

Oh and a quick Plug. Kelly Jackson, one of our Hardmoors family has with the kind agreement of Jon Steele the Hardmoors RD put on the Hardmoors 30 race that we hold on New Year’s Day,  on September 1st to raise funds for a very cash strapped Scarborough & Ryedale search & rescue. 
Its a beautiful course from the bay at Ravenscar, along to Whitby passing through Robin Hoods Bay along the cinder track and back via the coastal Cleveland way route. Its very easy to navigate so if  you can run or help out in any way please do. 
 Ravenscar /Robin Hoods Bay

Up the 199 steps at Whitby Abbey

Back along the wonderful Cleveland way North Yorkshire coast

You can enter here