Friday, 13 September 2013

Hardmoors Mountain Rescue Team fundraiser

Hardmoors Mountain Rescue Team fundraiser

I was asked to race direct this race or to give it its proper name, The Hardmoors Princess challenge. I was toying with running it of course but I’m really not in good form at the moment so when asked I quickly said yes. The race had come about when Kelly Jackson , (the Hardmoors princess),a firm part of the Hardmoors family, helping out regularly at all the races she can get to and running some of the non ultra events was being interviewed by British trail running Podcasts. Kelly despite  a fair few health problems including epilepsy and failing eyesight.(only 30 percent peripheral vision in one eye) is not one  to sit on her arse and regularly does multiple marathons with Foxy Davy's Enigma Events being a favourite mentioned she would love to run the Hardmoors 30  but because of her eyesight it was to dangerous (the route has lots of steep steps) and it would be dark a lot of the way on New Year’s Day. 
Whitby Abbey on the 30/60/110 &160 Hardmoors Course

It was then her interviewers Phil & Archie offered to buddy her round the course on another day & a date in early September was set to do the run. Around about then she heard that the Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team had had a couple of setbacks in there fund raising after being called out on there to biggest fund raising days. From that point on the rest is history. Jon Steele, Hardmoors race director was contacted, could she organize a re-run of the New Year’s Day 30 and see if the Hardmoors family would come out to run it again and raise those much needed funds?. Now Jon’s very busy thinking up ways to trash everyone and running daft stuff all over the place (this man ran 50 ultras in 50 weeks including stuff lake Lakeland100 ) but  he said yep if you organize it you can use the Hardmoors umbrella. 

So Kelly put a team put together with her friend Nikki (110 finisher and will be the first person ever to do every Hardmoors event including the marathons in one year!), fantastic sponsors  Ultra runner store  ,running food & local shop Boyes quickly came on board , marshals from the Hardmoors family offered their time and after huge amount of work the a permit was granted & the  race was on. I should point out that Kelly didn’t tell the rescue team any of this until it was sorted. To say they were pleased was an understatement and they quickly asked to come along (although making it clear they’d have to leave if an emergency came in)

So on September 1st as RD i picked up a couple of club mates Sue & Kate  (an extra £60 quid for the cause ) & I ended up on a stage at Ravenscar Village Hall more or less saying the above before I got on to the race and safety briefing. One of the things I could also say now we knew the numbers ,(45 including a few entries on the day) was that we had raised over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS  (about 50% of what they had lost due to call outs ) for the rescue team. Kelly quite rightly was giving a great round of applause. 
Hardmoors cakes !

After telling the runners to look out for a very knackered bloke built like a brick sh*t house , say thanks to Jon (Jon Steele and GarryS had decided to run the entire Hardmoors 110 course that weekend! ) I set the runners away and raced to Hayburn Wake to mark some of the course (Nikki had marked part earlier ) and just make sure nobody continued on the Cleveland way and I got a call from Filey !(I think when you RD you worry about even he daftest things! ) Then, after a brief stop back at the village hall start  to see Jon & Garry who had called in for refreshments on their own 110 (they finished of course ) , it was to Robins Hoods bay to see them through and wait for the leaders to come back.

Jim Mann of Durham Fell runners, the record holder (and BGR winter record holder) was leading multiple Hardmoors race winner and in his 50’s now, Neil Ridsdale. As soon as they were through and I had text from all he other marshals saying everything was OK, I raced to the finish to watch them come in. Jim won in 4:13 breaking his previous record , a simply staggering time. Neil came in shortly after and of course broke last year’s record. Karen Nash won the ladies race.
 Leaders Neil & Jim at Hayburn Wake

Nikki’s mum was on duty doing a fantastic job doing the the results with Jon’s mum doing the tea’s and making everyone fresh hot pizza. It was decided Jon’s dad had the best handwriting so he diligently wrote out each finishing certificate.

Nikki’s lovely bairns and everyone who's finished gave every finisher a fantastic round of applause and it was then I saw and opportunity Jon would have been proud of. I got Nikki’s littlest lass to present the medals around the finishers necks making each finisher bend down to receive them !
 The loveliest kids ever .

Club mate Sue getting her 30 medal from little Alfie:-) (I'm just a little in love with this kid ) 

Dave , feel that back creek -a little lower now mate with Gemma-mae

So I had little to do to be honest . When everything is so well organized & planned and everything goes to that plan , well that's the case . Kelly’s organization was perfect and the race went off without a hitch. All 45 runners finished in the time limit including of course Kelly !

It gets better, Jon is happy for the Team to make this and annual event so the prospect is Hardmoors could be become a major fund raiser for the Scarborough & Ryedale Search & Rescue Team. 

Well done Kelly &  Nikki , Jon & the Hardmoors family and everyone involved. 

Makes you proud, don’t it.

Flip . 


  1. Really proud to be part of it Flip and thrilled that it will be an annual event. I absolutely loved it
    Brer Rabbit

  2. As a Mountain Rescue Team Member, I'd just like to say thank you very much for what you did for us. I really appreciate it.