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Viking Chase Four Peaks Fell Race

Viking Chase Four Peaks Fell Race.


So not that long after Kelly Jackson put together the Hardmoors Princess challenge to raise funds for Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team (over one thousand pounds raised !) I'm at another fundraiser race for another Mountain Rescue team, this time Cleveland.  I do that many fells I rarely blog them or at least I clump them together in a blog but I see this one as a bit of a new training start and anyway I’m on holiday and a bit bored. If i were you I’d just read the last bit like you do in books and see how I did or google a nice holiday or something. 

I’ve had some time off lately. That’s time of from running that is, only running 20 miles in August. (I still cycle, do weights & swim mind)  Yes I know amongst my friends this would seem to some a little unfashionable and to many downright heresy but I’ve had a lot going on and I felt I needed to give my body some downtime. And, I think it was due. I trained fairly hard last winter spring. In March alone I had a month that consisted of a long tough fell race, a road marathon, a 33 mile race and a 55 mile race and felt in great condition but even just a few months later that seems a long way away. Whatever happened to me at WHW race also took its toll like nothing else ever had. I do think i was really quite ill at that race. 

Still I have a few 30 milers coming up, a trail marathon and the usual fells but nothing of note and importance till the spring next year so downtime now seems to make sense. Listen to you body and all that. That said, the internet is a terrible thing for hooking you  in so if you see I’ve runs something else it was probably a last minute decision!
(that's why i put the a link to Hardmoors races on the Hardmoors FB a& twitter late on a Friday or Saturday eve :-)

So I’m back at it now, just running my old routes and exploring new ones. 6, 9, 15 milers in the main & more of the 6 & 9 M than anything else and I expect races to be tough, especially the fell races I love. 

That brings me to this lovely little 8 mile Viking chase of the tittle. As i said , this is a fundraiser for Cleveland Mountain Rescue held on the Cleveland hills from Lordestones café. I’ve wanted to do it for some years but it clashed first with the Hardmoors 110 before that was moved to May and then the Hardmoors 60 that was put in the 110’s place. Talking of the 60, I was due to marshal it this year but unfortunately work got in the way and I couldn’t make it. I was gutted! . I’ve marshalled all the marathons (halves and 10K’s) this year as Hardmoors finds its feet with its non ultra races and missing the 60 really pissed me of. 

But every cloud has a silver lining and all that so it meant I could make this race. Fist thing to note is it’s from Lordstones café high up on Carlton bank. This is a funny little place that never seems to be open or when it is, welcoming of anyone. A lot of bikers seemed to make it a destination but how the heck they ever found it open I don’t know. I’m sure it is a front for something else! Never mind the guy who ran it seemed to upset rather a lot of people and ended up having to sell up.

It’s now been taken over by a local land owner and he looks like he’s doing something with the place. He must be a decent sort as well as he allowed the rescue team to use the fields at the back for parking and race HQ. In the time I’ve passed through this place on the Cleveland way , usually in the 55M or 110M race I’ve never had the chance to see what a lovely little country park (for that’s what its going to be known as ) it is .

Anyway the race consist of four climbs, Carlton Bank, cringle bank ,cold moors and clay bank. The first climb goes the easy way up on a wide track I’d never even noticed before. It reminded me I must get out onto these moors away for the Cleveland way more, as the Hardmoors marathons do and explore more. Shaun, a club mate had said this first hill was runnable and it probably is if you’re in good condition but I’m not and struggled to do so. I dropped back down the field as I usually do at the start. I’m a rubbish starter of races tbh. I usually have head thoughts of why the fuck am i doing this when clearly I’m crap at it going through my head   -and that’s a normal race. Given a fell and the usual good hill start and I’m even worse. A small crowd at the top and I look back and at least see a few still coming up. 

Then it’s the very rocky twisting and tuning decent, a feature of the Cleveland way. Now I’m good at and can fly down this stuff well but I really have to be careful as these are a dangerous set of rocks and although I’m pretty sure footed its clear some of those in front of me aren’t and I don’t want to go bowling them over like skittles just to make up places. 

Mind , they are a lot easier than last ime i ran them int he Hardmoors 55 race in March in a snow storm. 
Still I get past a fair few only for some of them to take me up the next hill. Some great leapfrogging battles went on like this the entire race. When I wasn’t blowing out my arse dying it was quite good fun.

The next three hills are steep hands on knees jobs only the best can run so I don’t lose as much time then a rocky twisting steep descent.

Always fun going up through Wainstones 

That month off is now telling and I really have to try hard. We get to the far end and the way back is the roller-coaster low route. No big hills and all very runable. In fact it’s a favourite of mine, usually rutted & a bog but today fairly dry. Through the bracken and finally back to the finish and I needed that finish.

Not often I’m lying on the ground knackered after a race but there you go. Mind it’s not often the weather is that beautiful and you can! I usually seem to do these in rain wind or snow (or all three) so this is a bit of a novelty & after there is a bit of a picnic atmosphere with folk staying and enjoying the sunshine. Me, I’m thinking about a nice cold pint !   Not great time, 8 miles in 88mins but a start and a dam good blow-out in a beautiful area.

Brilliant event and plenty of money raise for the Rescue team.

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