Friday, 20 March 2015

My Mad Feet


You’d think after breaking my foot four times in two and a half years I would have had my fair share of foot problems and by and large I have. The last break was now three years ago now at the Hardmoors 30. Yes New Year’s Day- Now that was a real rubbish way to see the new year in.  

So what’s happening now to warrant the mad feet title? Well I have to go back two year and March 2013. I had a lovely month of races planned all progressively longer than the other. Along with my cycling and swimming, an ideal training for the lazy runner like myself I thought. The races were :

High Cup Nick Fell Race : 10M Fell
Loch Katrine Marathon: 26.2 miles (hilly tarmac)
D33:  33miles (flat mostly hard packed)
Hardmoors 55: 55 miles (Hilly trail)  

High cup nick went ok so my story starts on the next race, Loch Katrine Marathon 2013. I wrote a blog about it here but to recap briefly:  
Just after the turn around at about 16 miles my feet became sore. Or I should say the soles of my feet became sore. The strangest thing happened. I suddenly had to stop because my feet were in excruciating pain. So much so, not only could I not run but I couldn’t even stand up!. Bob Steel came along and tried to help me to the marshal point a few hundred yards away but it was no good. I could not walk or even stand up. I had to sit there like a lemon and get picked up.

If you’ve read the blog link, basically after asking everyone I know and having lots of comment on Fetch and FB I was none the wiser to what had caused it. I was wearing a newish pair of shoes and with more cushioning than I would normally (I now constantly worry about breaking my foot again on hard surfaces) but I doubted they could have caused this.

There was no lasting damage. Back at David & Carolyn's house a few hours later they were tender but not too bad. I could stand and thankfully drive home. I even ran 6 miles with club the next day. Tender feet but OK. The following week and with a little trepidation I ran the D33 in 5:35 wearing worn down x talons. The week after I ran the Hardmoors 55 with no ill effect.

Never had any answer to what happened really and I more of less forgot about it.

So 2015 &; two years later, this year  I did High Cup Nick again and the week after i went to  the D33. The race is by coincidence (maybe that's he answer! ) another out and back. Just after the turnaround my feet became sore. A few yards later and my feet or I should say the soles of my feet were in excruciating pain again. I manage to hobble back to the turnaround point, sat and removed my shoes but couldn’t stand up again. Jonny fling had to drive the van 15 yard to me and help me in. Again, few hours later they were OK.

From last time and talking to some very knowledgeable folk this time round no concrete reason emerged. Some form of massive cramp maybe. Some form of nerve damage, shoes causing the problem as both were cushioned ones I don’t wear that often but still I doubt this.

So if you have any idea what may have caused this or wish to speculate, I’m all ears. Please do comment or if you wish message me or email me at
 As Helen Johnson said to me after, what if it happened in a hill ultra?  Doesn’t bear thinking about!  



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