Monday, 4 January 2016

So 2015....

I got asked the other day if I'm still blogging. Yes I replied, when I have a race to blog about!

Truth is , running wise its not been a great year. So bad in fact that I can't even remember the last race I ran fit and in anger so to speak. The year started with me falling ill a few days before the spine race and having to pull out at the first cp only 42 miles in (blogged about below ) . I really shouldn't have started but you know , we all do daft things. It took me well into February to get better still wasn't great when I ran  High Cup Nick fell race at the end of Feb. That may have been my last race in anger although I had no idea it would be at the time. I was in good fettle for the D33 but had a foot problem (which I've blogged about below but which still has no answers). Some time after that , I took a knock playing football and compounded the knock at work and did some damage to my knee. I went up to the Cateran Ultra 55 to help out the double race (110) again in May but remember I couldn't run then at all.. In June I managed 9 mile running with Karen Doughnut in the West Highland Way race and this was the highlight of the year for me. I marshalled the Lakeland 100 and all the hardmoors races after that (and all the others before and since ). I did manage to hobble round the new and very lovely Red Kite Trail organised by the new club, Derwent Valley Trail Runners on July 4th thinking my knee would get better, but come September it was plain to see it was getting worse, not better. In fact at one stage I needed a walking stick!. MRI scan revealed a knee of a fifty year old man who has done constant sport all his life. Well it would !
Come December and I had a opp on the knee and now I'm just hoping it  fixes it. 

Clamber Race Runners 
Life things have been generally good and I've lots to be thankful for. The club race , the clamber I've organised  for two years very went well again with it being described by the then Chair of Sunderland Harriers as the toughest 5 miles he's ever done with the  best after race food of any race. I'll take that along with all the other praise for the club and race. Unfortunately, not all club stuff has been so good and some people have let themselves , their club mates and everyone involved in grass roots running clubs of the uk & running in general down very badly. I believe its is still under investigation so I'll not say much (although I may well go into detail in the future) but much like the guy who jumped on the bus at Kielder Marathon , possibly worse, it will follow them for life. It's truly a real pity but people have to take responsibility for their own actions.

They will forever be known as cheats. Very sad.

Other club stuff was brilliant though, they are mostly a wonderful club & I will miss them & club race very much. Things change and it's time to move on. 

So what's in store for 2016. Well I'll take just running 5 miles around the woods and rivers again at the moment to be honest but as I've marshalled just about every race I could in 2015 I have lots of free entries to some great races. I really do hope to support David I the WHW race again as well.  In fact that the main aim !
Whether I do any races or not is in the hands of the knee gods though. I hope I can run Hardmoors Saltburn 10K or Half on valentines day in 6 weeks or failing that a MTB duathlon event in Scotland a couple weeks later but again we'll see. I'm not rushing anything and will just swim everyday and bike a bit to try and keep some fitness up. Oh and marshalling or helping out at lots of events to keep me busy and stay in touch.  

I'll leave you with a pic of me marshalling the Lakeland 100 back in July just to frighten the kids.

Edit* The princess Challenge organised by Kelly Jackson that I Race direct on the day plus an new one from Kelly , the Nemesis raised over £3000-00 for Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. The team have spent a lot of time coordinating the flood response in York and other places lately and the races have raised more than £8000-00 altogether since it was started . Very proud of Kelly and the hardmoors team. Hoping I can run it next year ...

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